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Surrounding nature and tips for a trip

Bawaria is nestled in the center of the village Horní Lomná. Due to its location, the village of Horní Lomná is widely used for year-round recreation. In winter, the village is a ski resort. There are downhill trails near Lomná, but cross-country skiers can also use the marked trails. In summer, it is the starting point for hiking trails along the Beskydy ridges. A marked cycle route passes through the village.


From the village of Horní Lomná, the Kamenitý cottage is one of the most visited from the Doubrava stop, where you can continue to go to Kolář's cottage Slavíč. Then the route from the stop of the swimming pool Přelač-Muřínkový Vrch and further to the highest mountain in the area - Velký Polom.

Horní Lomná is also sought after by mushroom pickers. Natural monuments include a wetland and an orchid meadow above Kyčmol, the Úplaz nature reserve, which connects to the Mionší forest, is accessible along the road from the village of Dolní Lomná, and during the season, there are guided tours. In the village itself, there is a church as a center, below it there is a well where you can relax and draw energy. In summer there are various cultural events that you can watch directly from our outdoor terrace.


bike trips

A cycle path is being built and is expected to be completed in the autumn of 2021. It will be possible to drive through the entire picturesque valley of Horní and Dolní Lomná (approx. 15 km, up a slight climb and down a carefree ride without stepping on the pedal). It is also possible to ride on all hiking trails.

Your efforts will be rewarded with beautiful views as far as the Slovak Mala Fatra.

winter activities

In winter it is possible to cross-country ski on the same route as on a hiking tour in summer. It's up to you where you go, there are no restrictions. Towards Kyčmol, you can cross-country ski along the ridge, which copies the Slovak and Czech borders. Nearby are 2 areas for downhill skiing - Přelač and Ski resort Armáda. At the Koupaliště stop, there is a playground where the area is glaciated under suitable conditions and you can skate in the open air. Local attractions also include the so-called Vozatajské races, during which sledges are pulled by horses.

Of course, children have a lot of opportunities for other winter fun, such as sledding and bobsledding.


The surrounding area offers many opportunities, both for sports and leisure stays.
V blízkosti penzionu se nachází cyklostezky, běžkařské stopy a turistické trasy.

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